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What is GoldSpend?
GoldSpend is a system which allows you to make thousands of e-gold payments very quickly and easy. Rather than spending hours waiting for pages to load, typing passwords, Turing numbers, and wasting time, GoldSpend lets you make thousands of payments to thousands of e-gold accounts, at incredibly competitive rates, all with one click of a mouse!
Fees are assessed on each payment made through GoldSpend. The fees to use our service are very competitive:
All spends  ==>   $0.01
Enabling the service
To begin using GoldSpend, you need to enable access to the e-gold automation interface. If you don't do this, the service will not work for you. To enable access to e-gold automation interface, please carry out the following instructions:
  1. Log into your e-gold account, and click the 'Account Info' button on the navigation bar.
  2. Scroll down to 'Account Attributes'
  3. Under 'Automation Access', select 'Allow from Any IP Address'.
  4. You are now ready to use GoldSpend!
GoldSpend does not log or record your e-gold number or passphrase. Warning: Before using this service, verify that you are in fact at the GoldSpend site. The beginning of the website address should include ''. If it does not, then this site is a fake! If you find another site that looks like this, and doesn't have this warning, then it is also a fake. Never log into E-Gold from an email login page. Go directly to to log in. Change your password before using our payment software and change it back as soon as you are finished. If you run a gold game or investment program, consider using 2 computers - 1 just for E-Gold spends and the other for all other online business.
Transaction Form
Please note that there is a 0.01$ transaction fee! This fee keeps this service alive!
Passphrase (The one you login with):
For every spend a new line please!
e.g. 657345,0.10,Money For You
637292,1.34,Money from me!

Memo please not longer than 50 characters
Please note that neither your e-goldaccount, neither your passphrase will be stored/sent to us or any other 3rd person.
You are responsible for all actions on this website.
You must provide enough money for all spends and fees!

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